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Latest Photo Editing Trends – 2015

Latest Photo Editing Trends – 2015

Latest and creative Photo Editing Trends

If you are inspired to capture a stunning photograph with your digital camera, then the further step you have to do is Photo Editing. Get into the habit of editing photographs that will give up amazing images. Make use the power of image editing software and work out each and every feature of it to get an unbelievable visual treat.

Some of the photo editing software are Picasa, Picnik, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop Express, Photoshop elements, Paint Shop Pro Photo X3, iPhoto, Bibble, ACDsee, Capture NX2, Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, Aperture 3, Noise Ninja, Photomatrix. These all are providing an effective way to edit the images manually in accordance with our wish.

At the same time, online photo editing software is also available in the Graphic Designing world which provides an easier way to edit the images online in few seconds. Some of the popular online photo editing tools are Hollywood Makeover, FotoFlexer, Mag My Pic, Hair Mixer, and Aviary, Write about It, LunaPic, Photo Funny, etc….

Photo Editing
Latest Photo Editing Trends – 2015

The Photo editing Softwares made some significant advances in the image editing world, which enhances the look and feel of the photographs in so many advanced methods like

  • Painting With Light
  • Boost Colors
  • Focus Stacking
  • Soft-Focus Effects
  • Remove Casts
  • Apply Instant Processing Effects
  • Vignette

For every year, there are so many tricks and trends are invented that will provide advanced tips and techniques to polish the image even more. Make some incredible editing process to smooth out photographs.

If you want to show off your images in a different way, contact us immediately. By understanding your needs and demands our professional editors will give forth an excellent photo editing service that will emphasize your image greater. We have come up with the latest as well as creative image editing services that will aid you to get better-looking images.


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Perspective Correction in Real Estate interior Photographs

Perspective Correction in Real Estate interior Photographs

Perspective Correction in Real Estate interior Photographs

A perspective problem in the photography is now curable by the advanced techniques in Adobe Photoshop. In most cases, real estate which means building photographs subject to perspective distortion. This may occur due to the misalignment of the lens in the camera with respect to the angle of the building. In other words, the difference in the angle makes a chance to capture images at the tilt angle that causes perspective images. Here there is a brief view on Perspective Correction in Real Estate interior Photographs

Just figure it out how to correct the perspective problem arise in the photographs?

First of all open the image in the Adobe Photoshop document window, and then duplicate the layer. It is to avoid the degradation of the original image. Working with the duplicate layer is always better when coming to the image editing.

Make copy of the original Layer
Duplicate the original Layer

Hold down the CTRL and Press J on the keyboard to duplicate the layer. Now, the original image is copied to another layer which is named as Layer 1. It denotes that, we are working on the copied or Duplicate Layer.

Lens Correction in photoshop
Lens Correction

Now you have to move towards the menu bar and click Filter in that select Distort and then choose Lens Correction (FILTER > DISTORT > LENS CORRECTION). On clicking it, the lens correction dialog box is opened along with the image. On making some Adjustments by the Remove Distortion Tool, you may get the actual image which is free from perspective problem. Here some of the important factors you have to focus on while making adjustments,

Removal of Distortion
Adjusting the Distortion present in the image
  • Make sure that the show grid option is in selected form
  • Move the slider slightly to get the indeed view
  • On adjusting the Chromatic Aberration, Vignette you may correct the color range of the image
  • You may transform the image in the vertical as well as horizontal view by moving the slide
  • Angle option is provided to correct the tilt angle of the image
  • Perspective Correction
    Perspective Correction In Real Estate Interior Photographs

Outsource Image proudly presents the perfect Perspective Correction services for your Real Estate Photographs to make them the professional look which will show off an attractive visual effect of seeing it.


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Photo Clipping Path – A comprehensive Beginners tutorial

Photo Clipping Path – A comprehensive Beginners tutorial

It is essential to make known about the basics in the Photo Clipping Path. Here is, how to knock out the backdrop. Just prepare your images for the Image Clipping Path, start up your first image clipping path in Adobe Photoshop – The most intuitive image editing software.

Here Dory Nemo picture is going to travel along with us until the session end and provide clear, understandable view about the process of Image Clipping Path. Open the image in Adobe Photoshop document window and then Create a path around the image.

The most important thing you have to focus before deleting the backdrop is feather selection. Feather Selection in Photoshop is nothing but a great process of softening the selected edges to avoid the uneven cutting off an image which provides a realistic look. Click SELECT > MODIFY > FEATHER in the Menu Bar or else simply press CTRL + ALT + D on the keyboard.

Photo Clipping Path
Feather selection
Feather Radius

The feather radius should be 0.6 Pixel. After finishing all this process just press Backspace key, to delete the backdrop without leaving the Nemo. You may now create another attractive backdrop in accordance with your wish. Make note that, the originality of the image will not change after the editing process.  Yep! You reached the climax of this session.

Backdrop Removal
Backdrop Removal using Clipping Path

Mostly, Image Clipping Path is used for

  • Removing the current Backdrop
  • Exchanging the existing Backdrop
Clipping Path
Final Output

Making use of which you may attain a good looking visual appeal. Want to trim out your imperfect backdrop? Contact Outsource Image today itself!

We at Outsource Image delivers the best in Photo Clipping Path Services which includes,

  • Drop Shadow
  • Natural Shadow
  • Mirror Reflection Creation
  • Water Reflection Creation

Get detailed information about the Digital Image Clipping Path and its process by staying at

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Perfect Photography Editing Services – Why eCommerce websites focus on high quality images?

Perfect Photography Editing Services – Why eCommerce websites focus on high quality images?

There are lots of things behind the success of the top most E-commerce business sites like the design of the website, speed, security, user-friendly, easy to navigate, price, offers, quality result and much more. But out of all these factors, most of the eCommerce sites concentrate more on the high-quality product images, just figure out the significance of eCommerce product photographs and Product Photography Editing Services.

Perfect Photography Editing Services - Why eCommerce websites focus on high quality images?

The great Product photography describes the best features, so the quality, as well as the clarity of the product photography, is considered as the most important factor for selling. When to show off the product images try to explore the special features in a detailed manner.

What is actually an E-commerce means?

E-commerce or Electronic Commerce is nothing but the commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet, where you may buy or sell the product.

E-Commerce Business

Significance of Product Photography in E-commerce:

The product photography plays a massive role in selling your product. Here there are some of the significance of product Photography in E-commerce.

  • Quality product photographs, as well as more quantity of product images on your eCommerce websites, will provide a clear view of the product.
  • That will drive more sales along with more valuable customers to your site and motivate new visitors to click on them.
  • More of visitors in the sense more traffic to your site that leads you to rank higher in the search engine results.
  • On clicking the image in Image Search that will switch over to your site. Then you will get a chance to meet new customers.
  • A perfect picture has a tendency to stay the visitors on your site more than a few minutes, which will reduce your bounce rate at the same time increase the traffic. When going with the SEO, Image will earn high-quality backlinks with higher conversion rates.
  • Visitors always go through the picture before reading the description, features about the product, so try to highlight the special things that will increase your sales rate.
  • The visual sense of the product will provide the understandable details which explain the present benefits of the product.
  • You may add some additional effects like zoom in, zoom out facilities to explore the detailed visual appeal. Now a day, most of the eCommerce sites have gone with 360-degree product view options.
  • That will provide more information by rotation in accordance with the viewers wish.