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How to remove the hairy images from its background?

How to remove the hairy images from its background?

Photo masking service
Photo making

The only way to remove the hair images from its background is hair masking image editing service. Hair we very minute and soft, thin image that it won’t be removed from its background by using simple image clipping path technique. Outsourceimage having the skilled professionals and advanced editing atmosphere with latest software tools to apply the masking technique for the hairy images by using the tools and techniques. Hair masking technique is having many ways to remove it from its background like various types of masking process like the simple mask, clip mask, hard mask and complicated image masking technique etc…Never get tired of searching the best hair masking service provider, stop your search and go through to our official website to visit the masked image models, portfolio, examples, client model images and so on.


A tutorial that how we apply the hair masking technique for your image?

The below tutorial will help you how we are using this hair masking technique to remove the hair image from its background and make the white background effect.


Open your complicated photography image your Photoshop software if your images belong to portrait, family images, fashion images, model images, and animal images with soft hair etc…Initiate your images for hair masking service in Photoshop.



By using the layer masking technique create the duplicate layer by using shortcut key on your Adobe Photoshop.



By using the quick selecting tool choose the main image from its background. That tool name is Magic Wand tool.



By choosing the refine edge tool we can remove the minor background parts and it will help to make your image more perfect



To make more detailed your hair image apply the edge more solid adjustment technique to soft the edges



Make confirmation your image by clicking ok to save your images with that detailed effect



Finally, touch the light removal technique to remove the unwanted minor parts if still, it has any unwanted parts


Hair masking service belongs to the process if complex image masking technique. Outsourceimage is always offering the service to satisfy its customer by offering high-end editing techniques with great image masking process.

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Other service we offer:

Skin retouching is important for your wedding photography images

Skin retouching is important for your wedding photography images

Skin editing, wedding skin photo editingSkin retouching service is having the power to change your old wrinkles skin into young and polish. Moreover, it was most important for your wedding photography images. Because of, the marriage was happening only once in a life, so the thing that how it was important for your life. Outsourceimage servicing the Skin retouching image editing service for the wedding images with successful in past years. For the entire portrait images, skin retouching is necessary to show them more quality, clean and clear. Due to some external unwanted interference like light reflection, makeup effect, dust, camera lens problem your skin get the bad appearance. So Outsourceimage here to clear all those skin related problems through online Photoshop editing techniques.


Need to give more importance for your wedding photography images for skin retouching service:

A wedding occasion is happening once in a life. So that, the entire peoples are thinking that it should be memorable. Allow all your wedding related photography risk to us we will change those ugly effects to the lovable mode by our creative professional wedding photo skin retouching editors. Making memorable moments for a long time is importance to feel it old moments more enjoyable. It was the main reason to give your wedding photography images for skin retouching service. Skin retouching image editing technique is not simple, having critical tactics to improve your skin quality. Outsourceimage was having those powers by its unbeatable editing techniques, professional graphical editors, and Creative software with latest updated version and so on.


Skin removal editing techniques:

Editing techniques involved in this skin image editing as,

  • Air brushing your skin
  • Removing the unwanted black spots
  • Removing wrinkles on face
  • Erasing the hair oh hand, chest
  • Retouching the hair near eye and head
  • Erasing the extra hairy on the image
  • Making highlighting the skin if it required
  • Shining the hair to make it more impress
  • Coloring the hair from whit, brown to pure black
  • Reducing the extra skin in the body
  • Color correction for skin tone
  • Apply skin smoothening to increase lovely effect

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Other services we offering:

Cut out an object image service from its background image by pen tool

Cut out an object image service from its background image by pen tool

Cut out an image in a photography frame is commonly known as image clipping path service. Cutting out he main object image from its background is an initial process of photo editing service. By using the Adobe Photoshop you can finish successfully this cutting out image editing service. But it has some basic knowledge about Photoshop handling. Adobe Photoshop cut out image editing service is easy for ‘Outsourceimage’. Outsourceimage is nothing but, the best photo editing service provider for anyof the image retouching techniques. We are having the professional graphical editors with us and they are behind the success of Outsourceimage.   If you are searching for the best cutting out image editing service provider immediately contact us with your own photography images.


Adobe Photoshop tool for this cutting out clipping path service:

Adobe Photoshop is a world familiar image editing software. We can do anything for your image by using this software. Some of the tool here to implement the cutting out clipping path image editing service as like,

  • Pen tool
  • Lasso tool
  • Magic Wand tool
  • Background eraser tool to erase background
  • Magic eraser tool to erase background


The best way to cut out your image from its background:

Most of our competitors are using the automatic clipping path technique by using the Lasso tool and some of the online image editing service provider. But Outsourceimage image never encourages that type of illegal short achievement technique. Always we are using the Manu image clipping path cutting out image editing technique by using the pen tool. The best way to cut out your image from its background is manual image clipping path cutting out service. That, what we are doing currently?


How to cut out the image if it has fuzzy, soft edges?

If your photography image has the soft, fuzzy corner edges you never use this manual cutting out the technique to remove the background. For that, the image masking technique is using here to cutting out the critical image on its background image. Image masking is also same like clipping but has some additional techniques to remove it. Clipping path in India Outsourceimage is one of the awards winning service provider and its basic image editing service is vehicle image clipping path technique.


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Dog photo editing service with funny effect

Dog photo editing service with funny effect

Pet photography

Dog are living as one of the members in a house with us. And we never consider as it was an animal, taking that it was one of the family members that won’t able to talk. If you safe it with full of love and care it never forget you and always loving your family and like to with you to spend more times. It also forgets that we are an animal and mingle with human beings. At that time we will take some of the pictures for fun and enjoy with our mobile phones, laptops, and cameras. But it was not a planned occasion. But it will give you more precious moments after long years ago. Also, it gives fun if you see it suddenly in your devices. In the pet animal list, the dog stands in the first position. So we are here to provide you the best service through this dog image editing service. Outsourceimage is familiar by providing this dog photography image editing service in high-end quality.


Why Dog photography especially need this image editing service?

If you are a photographer think simply that if you capture the dog in your camera with simple and easy. Never think how difficult it was? Because of it will turn its head on another side, or not see straightly the camera, looking back, the eye is not proper to look, looking down and have some other disturbance. The reason is it was not a human being that chance to think and act. At this time dog photo image editing service will use for you with implementing the funny effects related to the dog. Believe us we are expert in pet photography image retouching service.


What we do on your dog images?

We can do anything for your dog images without making any errors on its original quality. For example, some of the below techniques are using if need,

  • Avoid Blue fur in pet photographs
  • Removal of heavy vignettes
  • Reduce sharpness using photo editing techniques
  • Tone down the neon colors effect
  • Adjusting shadows and reduces highlights
  • Red eye removal, skin smoothening
  • Background changing
  • Adding the unique dog image into your family or portrait photography images
  • Adding the stunning effects by using the masking technique
  • Custom dog image retouching service provider


Our clients:

Our clients are spreads in all over the world. They are searching us instantly by our unique product service approaching method and our creative dog photo editing staffs.

Send mail inquiry for further details to [email protected]


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2017 SEO Trends (Prediction)

2017 SEO Trends (Prediction)


SEO trend
2017 SEO trend

Compare with past years (2015, 2016) upcoming 2017 year is going to be an advanced in SEO. In past year content, keyword, social media promotions and some other postings have more importance, but in upcoming 2017, it also with some additional parameters like,


1)    Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) :

Be ready to prepare your website is portable for mobile application. In this modern world, without a mobile is impossible. Among that android mobile is the highlight. More chance to open your site with the mobile application. Otherwise, you will lose your business.


2)    Density content for your website and backing submissions :

Content are important for SEO since starting it. But nowadays relative content applying is increasing gradually. Avoid using relative content, use unique content to expose your business to this world. Content is an important strategy for your business listing.


3)    HTTPS  must enable for the website :

For secure purpose HTTPS is important. Algorithm going to releasing that the web page which is having HTTP is considered as more secure. It is an important strategy that you want to be in forefront position. Make sure that your web page is enabled with HTTPS


4)    Voice search is going to one of the most advanced technology to search :

Apart from typing the need on the browser, voice searching is more incredible now a day. Believe us voice search is an upcoming trend among the people to search. Make sure to enable your website is compatible with voice searches.


5)    Try to reduce 301 redirections, it preventing your website health :

Avoid redirection your URL to another domain. It will make the bad opinion for your website on the search engines and have to spend more to for open the pages.


6)    Create strong backlink from high priority domain :

Continuously check whether you are posting or increasing your backlinks from high page rank profiles. Because high priority backlink gives your website more valuable


7)    Organic SEO process getting the lead instead of Paid services. Due to avoid some unwanted page opens in the paid service


8)    VR is also having chance to catch the place :

Virtual realities for your web page videos are important. So make your online website videos portable with virtual reality. Also aware that the page never be loaded more time period


9)    Portable browser version in mobile device :

Update your website that it will portable for any of the latest versions of the browser. Also implement it into the mobile device also.