360 Degree Panorama Stitching in Real Estate Image Editing Services

360 Degree Panorama Stitching in Real Estate Image Editing:

What is a 360-degree panorama stitching?

The word panorama means “All Sight” coined from the Greek language. 360-degree panorama stitching is an exceptionally good approach in which numerous images taken in different parts are stitched together to make a single photograph. It may be either in a vertical or horizontal form. A photographer may cover a particular part or area, making use of this technique we may get the wide view of an image. But it is somewhat difficult to perform this task.

360 Degree Panorama Stitching in Real Estate Image Editing Services

360 Degree Panorama Stitching Services

Types of panoramas:

  • Wide angle panoramas
  • 180-degree panoramas
  • 360-degree panoramas
  • Spherical panoramas

Why Real Estate marketing business pays attention to 360-degree panorama stitching?

Day by day the competition on Real Estate marketing business upsurges a lot. Displaying each and every room images for visual presentation will not seem to be professional. Getting a single view of the overall coverage of a property makes easier to visualize.

Wide angle panorama mostly has the high resolution because they are stitched from multiple images. But it looks like a normal, regular view of an image. 180-degree panoramas cover 1800 from the left to right and obviously, it covers almost all areas. 360-degree panoramas cover 3600 wider angles which make the clear view of  the full property. And finally, the spherical panoramas, on seeing the name, it is clear that the output view will be in spherical shape. In this technique, we are just converting the 360-degree panoramic image into a square spherical image.

Mostly preferred the format for image shooting by the professional photographers is vertical view rather than the horizontal. The reason behind it is the vertical panorama yield more resolution than the horizontal. While making the property view in 360-degree panoramic formats we can merge all the details within an image.

Outsource Image is now committed to providing 360-degree panorama stitching services across the worldwide. Our experts are expertise in the following real estate image editing services are Sky change, Still enhancement, HDR still enhancement, Photo stitching, Grains and noise reduction, Color casts removal technique, Brightness and contrast adjustment, Under or overexposure correction, Perspective correction and Retaining window details.

We also offer three-dimensions virtual view creation which promotes your real estate image properties view. You just send your real estate image to us and showcase your real estate image more attractive.


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