An Effective Morphing Services: Changing your photographs look


The process of building a motion picture that holds the graphic technique in that one image is transferred smoothly into another image is called as Morphing Services. It may also include the method of changing the real image which would have the special cartoon effects.

It is the common word “smile please” that you heard when you are supposed to stand in front the photographers. In some photographs, all are seen to be very fine with it, the only thing missing is the cute smile.

 Effective Morphing Services

Image Morphing

After the shoot how it is possible to create smiles in that person’s face. It is possible or not? Yep, it is possible. Advanced technology growth built a way to grow Morphing technology. In which not only smile you may edit the images and change the facial expression in what way that you wish.

You may also Morph, merge, swap and overlap images using the advanced editing software tool. Which is none other than the Adobe Photoshop? This may create animation effects too. Alteration of their own photographs into some other format will bring the fun and joy.

Types of morphing:

Single image Morphing
Multiple image Morphing
Deform image Morphing
Distortion Morphing
Wrap Morphing
Mask Morphing
Auto reverses Morphing

In the single image Morphing, a single image is treated to change into another form. On moving towards the multiple image Morphing, there are a number of images are merged together. Make using of the Wrap Morphing, it is possible to change the facial expressions. Some disfigure effects are added using the deform Morphing.

Nowadays there are so many online software’s are available to make your images as a cartoon picture. You just upload your images to that software within two or three clicks, you may able to view your own cartoon picture. But you have to accept the outcome, whatever may be the condition.

To avoid these inconveniences, we at Outsource Image providing the Morphing and Pop Art services. Just send your photo along with the info what changes you are expecting on that image, color codings, hair style and etcetera. Our professional designers are here to create a fun-filled or serious cartoon image according to your requirements.

Want to make a cartoon picture of your own? Mail your photographs to where your images are transformed into cartoon picture that looks trendy and captures the impression of others towards it.

Image Enhancement

  • Portrait Services
  • Album Designing
  • Image Manipulation
  • Skin Tone Adjustment
  • Brightness and Contrast Adjustment


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