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2017 SEO Trends (Prediction)

2017 SEO Trends (Prediction)


SEO trend
2017 SEO trend

Compare with past years (2015, 2016) upcoming 2017 year is going to be an advanced in SEO. In past year content, keyword, social media promotions and some other postings have more importance, but in upcoming 2017, it also with some additional parameters like,


1)    Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) :

Be ready to prepare your website is portable for mobile application. In this modern world, without a mobile is impossible. Among that android mobile is the highlight. More chance to open your site with the mobile application. Otherwise, you will lose your business.


2)    Density content for your website and backing submissions :

Content are important for SEO since starting it. But nowadays relative content applying is increasing gradually. Avoid using relative content, use unique content to expose your business to this world. Content is an important strategy for your business listing.


3)    HTTPS  must enable for the website :

For secure purpose HTTPS is important. Algorithm going to releasing that the web page which is having HTTP is considered as more secure. It is an important strategy that you want to be in forefront position. Make sure that your web page is enabled with HTTPS


4)    Voice search is going to one of the most advanced technology to search :

Apart from typing the need on the browser, voice searching is more incredible now a day. Believe us voice search is an upcoming trend among the people to search. Make sure to enable your website is compatible with voice searches.


5)    Try to reduce 301 redirections, it preventing your website health :

Avoid redirection your URL to another domain. It will make the bad opinion for your website on the search engines and have to spend more to for open the pages.


6)    Create strong backlink from high priority domain :

Continuously check whether you are posting or increasing your backlinks from high page rank profiles. Because high priority backlink gives your website more valuable


7)    Organic SEO process getting the lead instead of Paid services. Due to avoid some unwanted page opens in the paid service


8)    VR is also having chance to catch the place :

Virtual realities for your web page videos are important. So make your online website videos portable with virtual reality. Also aware that the page never be loaded more time period


9)    Portable browser version in mobile device :

Update your website that it will portable for any of the latest versions of the browser. Also implement it into the mobile device also.



Tips to improve your 2016 SEO

Tips to improve your 2016 SEO



Improve SEO by new tactics
Improve SEO

Here there are 7 simple steps to improve your SEO tricks. They are,

  1. Social media content will gain eminence

SERP will gain by using the eminence content for the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Approximately 80% of marketers are using social Medias to search, promote, sell and buy the product. It was the best place of doing good business. Make regular to post your business expose in Facebook and twit in twitter to gain high page rank and get the first position on SERP page. Prepare regular the contents with valuable social content to index your page by various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc…


  1. Videos cover more

Videos are always keeping the audience more entertainment and enjoy. So it is a good way to interrupt your business to the audience through videos. Google bring the search result also the videos on the first page, so why can’t you use this opportunity to grab the searchers to redirect to your business pages. Videos give better result compare with the organic result search.


  1. Mobile optimization is essential

First, check your business website was user-friendly. Most of the business peoples are not sitting in one place to manage their work. They are using different devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, phone watches for browsing. So make sure that your business website is designed with mobile friendly with more supportive and fast.


  1. Voice searching is important

Voice search is the must and increasing the easy facilities these days to reduce more difficulties. Now a day all of the peoples are in the busiest world and they won’t ready to type their searches by typing. Instead of that, they are using voice searching facility by simply pronunciation by voice their searches. Now all the mobiles have voice searching facilities. For example peoples during driving, watching TV, While in bathroom, exercising, cooking and with friends they can use this facility.


  1. Quality contents give bigger

Content aggregation is important for search engines for finding, collecting, searching, posting and presenting. For example sharing the most interesting concept and information’s regarding business will target more audience. For example, if you send more emails related to the current business strategy for business audience.


  1. Mobile application will grow

Mobile application is one of the growing new tactics to cover more audience by making them signup your business account. So prepare your business website for application oriented.


  1. Concentrate with local SEO

Targeting the customers by their own countries, places and region will give you the great result. So make sure that are you concentrating the local search by relevant keyword.