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Clipping Path Services to E-commerce Business| Adding White Backgrounds to Product Images

Clipping Path Services to E-commerce Business| Adding White Backgrounds to Product Images

Clipping Path Services to Ecommerce Business is helping by providing the product after clip out from its background and cut out from its bad background images. E-commerce business is now-a-days coming as most popular and famous trend to sell all the products through online. Most of the peoples are searching their required product from the online search. Compare with the past year current year the selling and buying are increased in this online Ecommerce product selling. So for, we are offering this Clipping path Service to Ecommerce Business for the Ecommerce business owners. Clipping path image editing service is a simple service and it was the basic image editing technique among the entire image editing service. Clipping Path Service to Ecommerce Business is that ‘outsourceimage’ offering with high-end quality and delivering this photo cut out service with customer expecting quality.


Image Clipping Path Service to cutout the main object image
Photo clipping path service

Adding white Background to Product Images with perfect stitching:

‘Outsourceimage’ was always senior to deliver the accurate Adding White Background to Product Images. Because of, the customers are in the position of hiring the good outsourcing Adding Whit background to Product Images and also they need to cover a number of clients for their business. For the E-commerce business, the product images are important to give its best advertisement and it must be in the situation and condition of covering the more number of customers. Also, it should bring the number of visibilities to your own website or any other product advertisement promotions.  Believe us our, Adding white Background to Product Image editing service will do it definitely and gives you the advanced result with the mode of best business development after using our Product clip out images for your own business advertisement purpose.


Other Editing techniques involved in this Ecommerce clipping path image editing service:

Outsourceimage offers the other editing techniques along with this Ecommerce product image background changing like,

  • Clipping the Ecommerce product without making any mistakes or errors
  • Apply the basic adjustments techniques to those E-Commerce product images like color correction, brightness and contrast adjustment etc…
  • Retouching the clipped images from its background
  • Adding the perfect white backgrounds for the product images
  • Apply the impressive natural show for the E-commerce business product to expose it with the best appearance
  • Creating the stunning effects for your E-commerce product images to create unique appearances
  • Apart from all other we are providing the service for cheap cost and for the free trial of service

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Jewellery Photo Retouching Services | Professional Jewellery Photo Editing Services

Jewellery Photo Retouching Services | Professional Jewellery Photo Editing Services

Jewellery Photo Retouching Services are used to make your ordinary looking Jewellery Photos into advanced looking. Jewelry is important now a day to expose our individual personality. So, ornaments are very important whether it was gold or any of the material. The public is searching their jewellery models through online. For that, the Jewellery owners are starting the new websites for their own business development. ‘Outsourceimage; is here helping for those Jewellery owners by the jewellery Photo Retouching Services. Making small changes and simple editing and tuning your Jewellery Photos it will get the world best quality of appearances.  By using the advanced image editing software like Adobe Photoshop we are handling this Jewellery Photo Retouching Services for a very cheap cost. These types of Jewellery Photo Retouching Service require the free hand training and unique creative techniques to handle the Jewellery photography images.

Jewellery Clipping path Service
Jewellery Photo Retouching Services

Jewellery Photo Editing Services with cheap cost and professional look:

Professional Jewellery Photo Editing Services are offered by the Outsourceimage to make the dull looking, blurred, ugly looking, and missed parts of the jewellery Photos into customers expecting quality. Jewellery Photo Editing Service includes some of the editing techniques like clipping; manipulating, recreating, adding, erasing, changing, adjusting etc…Outsourceimage is familiar to produce this service with great quality, without making any mistakes on your originality etc…If you are like to bring your dull Jewellery selling, just send all your Jewellery Photography images to our address. We will handle those services are our own and deliver the beast quality of result under the jewellery Photo Editing Services. We are offering this Jewellery Photo Editing Service with 24×7 service providing the option, quick submission fast delivery, cheap cost, free trial of service, Experienced Jewellery Editors, Creative skills to edit this Jewellery photography images etc…


Services include in this Jewellery Photography Editing Service:

Outsourceimage offers the any of the Jewellery Photo Retouching Services like,

  • Dust removal Service
  • Jewellery Photo sharpening Service
  • Color correction for Jewellery Photos
  • Color change For stones and jewelries
  • Photo clipping or photo cut out Service
  • Natural shadow creation Service
  • Remove the bad reflection to improve quality
  • Making jewelry shiny for more impression
  • Blemishes removal Service
  • Color correction Service
  • Adjusting the brightness and contrast
  • Re-drawing of key parts to expose the image with it entire parts
  • Enhancing the hide parts and make it detailed view
  • Making your jewellery images with white background
  • Producing reflections and blinks for the jewellery photos
  • Custom Jewellery Photo Editing Service


For more details send mail inquiry to [email protected]


Jewellery Photo Cut Out Services | Jewellery Photo Background Removal

Jewellery Photo Cut Out Services | Jewellery Photo Background Removal

Jewellery cutting out image editing service
Clipping path service


Jewellery Photo Cut Out Service that ‘Outsourceimage’ provides with bright looking and high-end quality. Jewellery is always a sparkling ornament on its nature. But the Jewellery photos required more clarity and quality by using the world prominent Jewellery Photo Cut Out Service. Jewellery image cut out service is really a challenging task to complete with 100% clients satisfaction and requirements. We are familiar with this Jewellery Photo Cut Out Service due to provide this golden jewelry ornaments to impress the client’s eye attraction and also give the good and better feel for the individual personality for a person. Most of the women in this world like to show themselves very good any shiny. Because of they all are love to expose their personality in public with this sparkle and shiny ornaments. Ornaments are like chains, rings, nickels and all the golden ornaments. Jewellery Photographer won’t get the entire customer liking quality of the Jewelries on its photography. Because of they are trying to capture the maximum of good appearance and looking for their own golden ornaments. ButOutsourceimage’ delivers the world best Jewellery Photo Cut Out service for its clients by the unbeatable Jewellery retouching image editing techniques.


Jewellery image editing service:

Jewellery Photo Background Removal service is a process of after finishing the cutout technique. After completing the Jewellery image cut out service it goes to the Jewellery Photo Background removal to remove the any of the unsatisfied, dust, ugly, dull colored background images into very impressive and successful background or otherwise changed with the clients required own background image. Jewellery Photo Background Removal service is also one of the important services to expose it with different background and having the capability to change the background based on its various colors. If your online Jewellery business going under dull, just send it to us for the Jewellery image retouching service to promote your business to topmost position.


Other services include this Jewellery photo image editing service:


Jewellery photo image editing service covers the below editing techniques to provide the 100% customer satisfied service and adjust the Jewellery images with various alternations as,

  • Eliminating spots from the Jewellery images
  • Settle down the Color combinations
  • Creating the natural shadow to give good appearance mood for the website visitors
  • Image resizing and Scaling until perfect matching for the various purpose of business and personal requirements
  • Improving image details & remove dullness in the stone on the golden Jewellery images
  • Creating the seller details on that Jewellery photography
  • Adjusting the poor contrasts on the Jewellery images
  • Cutting out the images and changing the background
  • Light correction and color corrections
  • Removal of unwanted elements in a frame


For more details send mail inquiry to [email protected]



Cut out an object image service from its background image by pen tool

Cut out an object image service from its background image by pen tool

Cut out an image in a photography frame is commonly known as image clipping path service. Cutting out he main object image from its background is an initial process of photo editing service. By using the Adobe Photoshop you can finish successfully this cutting out image editing service. But it has some basic knowledge about Photoshop handling. Adobe Photoshop cut out image editing service is easy for ‘Outsourceimage’. Outsourceimage is nothing but, the best photo editing service provider for anyof the image retouching techniques. We are having the professional graphical editors with us and they are behind the success of Outsourceimage.   If you are searching for the best cutting out image editing service provider immediately contact us with your own photography images.


Adobe Photoshop tool for this cutting out clipping path service:

Adobe Photoshop is a world familiar image editing software. We can do anything for your image by using this software. Some of the tool here to implement the cutting out clipping path image editing service as like,

  • Pen tool
  • Lasso tool
  • Magic Wand tool
  • Background eraser tool to erase background
  • Magic eraser tool to erase background


The best way to cut out your image from its background:

Most of our competitors are using the automatic clipping path technique by using the Lasso tool and some of the online image editing service provider. But Outsourceimage image never encourages that type of illegal short achievement technique. Always we are using the Manu image clipping path cutting out image editing technique by using the pen tool. The best way to cut out your image from its background is manual image clipping path cutting out service. That, what we are doing currently?


How to cut out the image if it has fuzzy, soft edges?

If your photography image has the soft, fuzzy corner edges you never use this manual cutting out the technique to remove the background. For that, the image masking technique is using here to cutting out the critical image on its background image. Image masking is also same like clipping but has some additional techniques to remove it. Clipping path in India Outsourceimage is one of the awards winning service provider and its basic image editing service is vehicle image clipping path technique.


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  Other services what we offering:







Outsource Electronic Product Retouching Service for cheap cost

Outsource Electronic Product Retouching Service for cheap cost

E-commerce product selling is most famous and latest trend to improve the selling product demand in this world. Among those electronic products like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, television, refrigerator, micro oven, Fan, air conditioner, light are also having more demand in the online product purchasing. For this reason, outsourceimage offers this electronic products image editing service for our clients to expose the business proposal through online. After analyzing the demand of the electronics product in public we are coming to this section to perform well to ramp-up the clients business into top most position.

Outsource Image
Outsource Image

Need of electronics photography editing service:

Electronics photography is easy to capture the products in the plain places. But you need to develop it for the best appearance to sell the products. So those peoples need some additional editing services for this electronic product. At that time of a request, outsourceimage will give a hand to improve the appearance quality in the websites and other sources. By using the high demand of the online electronic product you are in the position of showing your electronic product with a different angle of appearance. Outsourceimage will do it 100% quality and customized oriented to quick achieve the vision.

Benefits of outsourceimage by keeping outsourcing in this service:

If you keep outsourcing with us you will get more benefit from the low cost of service, free train of quota, quick submission of projects, high talented graphical editors, advanced editing systems, latest trend of the editing process and 100% custom service providing. We are working to achieve our vision of providing 100% quality of service, not for working only money. Also, our editing staffs are also having a high-end quality to prove their talent in this electronic product image editing service.

Editing services include in this electronics product images:

  • Removal of blemishes, torn and scratches
  • Adding color adjustments
  • Clothing/apparel images retouching
  • Scaling, resizing and cropping
  • Removing logos and labels
  • Removing drop shadow effects
  • Removing creases from fabric products
  • Add/remove water marks
  • Retouching client models
  • Changing the image color
  • Adjusting contrast and brightness
  • Adding/removing objects
  • Creating frames

Outsourimage will not only concentrate on the major editing techniques required by the clients, also apply this above editing technique to give more impression to the electronics images. Some of the electronic images are small compared with other electronic products. OS we are highlighting those small appearances with most advanced appearance.

For more detail send mail inquiry to [email protected]

Electronics product
World best electronic Product retouching service


Clipping and Masking – The best way to isolate a particular object from photography

Clipping and Masking – The best way to isolate a particular object from photography

Clipping and Masking – The best way to isolate a particular object from photography: Even if we use the high quality of cameras and lenses we can’t obtain the isolation of a particular object from photography. Because of it requires more editing technique by software. It is the simple process but requires more concentration for a single movement.

Image Clipping and Image Masking are the two popular methods which are widely used for isolation of an object, things or even a person that is not needed in the photograph.

Who needs isolation technique for their photography?                                                                     

For the entire photography, business isolation is needed to show something different from others. Among the photography business, some of the Stock photography agencies, Product selling agencies, online product sellers and some advertise agencies, etc…

Clipping and Masking
Image clipping

Simply I explain that who are all the peoples need to develop their business into world level and who need to expose their products quickly to market, etc…

Object isolation steps are,

  • Initially need to set up the settings to capture the object
  • So that choose the white background, it will give you the clear and show sharp edges
  • By using the tripod and bright background lightings take a number of snaps with your world best camera
  • Adobe Photoshop is one of the most common software to edit your photography
  • Import your photo in Photoshop
  • Make sure the photo is taken on your camera
  • Then separate the object from its background by selecting the path option via the pen tool
  • Don’t worry about the extra parts like wire, rope, peoples and any other except the focused object
  • After finishing the path process change that path into inverse
  • Be sure the white color is selected and make the background color is in white even whatever color it includes
  • After that click image option on the top of the panel
  • From that select adjustment option
  • And that selects the option to replace color option
  • Then you will see the option box
  • Now you can see one box is open, from that you can see the saturation and lightness option
  • Reduce the saturation and increase the lightness from that until
  • Best is make sure saturation is in-100 and lightness is in 100
  • After that by using the stamping option clear all other extra objects and unwanted parts
  • Now you can see the object with focus and some this different from the background
  • Save your file as a JPEG image and use it for your requirements whatever it is

Among the many ways of isolation, this is the best way we find and easy to implement. Also, the best idea is keeping outsource for isolated objects on your photos in image editing service provider.

This method of knock out the unwanted objects is easy to do with simple pictures, here Photo clipping technique is used. But in some time, the picture is tough to make a path around it. In such cases, Photo Masking method is used to clip out the tough region easily. Need to clip out your photographs. Contact us without fail.

Image Clipping Path with Shadow

Image Clipping Path with Shadow

Image Clipping Path Services with Shadow

Clipping Path:

In general, the word “Clipping” refers to trimming out something. And the “Path” refers to outline around the image (here in the Image Editing). Now you may get a clear idea about what is exactly the Clipping Path means – Yep!  In the Image Editing, Graphic Design department the process of Knock out the image from the existing backdrop is referred to as Image Clipping Path. In this process of Digital Image Clipping Path, a Path is created around the image in order to cut it out from the existing image. In Adobe Photoshop, the Pen Tool, the Magic Wand Tool, the Quick Selection Tool and the Lasso Tool are used to create a path.

Clipping Path with shadow:

Image Clipping Path with Shadow
Image Clipping Path With Shadow

After removing the backdrop of an image, it is placed on a transparent background in order to show off the professionalism. Transferring the image into another background is for the following reasons,

  • To display the image in an attractive manner
  • To change the inconvenient background
  • To remove the unwanted things, objects and persons in the existing backdrop
  • To show off the overall details if the image with clean and clear
  • To enhance the look and feel of the image

Why Shadow is most important for an image:

While placing the image in another backdrop without the shadow is just feel like the image is floating in the background. To avoid this problem, a shadow is created in a terrific manner. And hence, putting shadow to the image will brings up the originality. Creating a shadow for an image is not an easier task. In accordance with the image condition, shadow creation may vary. Which means, for some images natural shadow is fitted most. Sometimes, an approximate shadow which is created by the experienced designers is enough.

Reflection Creation for an image in Photo Clipping Path:

Image Clipping path with reflection creation
Reflection Creation

And in some case, a reflection of the image will exhibit the extraordinary look and feel. The exact mirror reflection of an image is created instead of the shadow. That is the point where the stylish look of the image will initiate. Water Reflection is also there in the Image Editing that will view like the reflection of the image seen in the water.

Where is the shadow needed?

For the question where, the appropriate answer is – Mostly, clipping path along with proper shadow creation is used in E-commerce product photography editing field. This is why because to get back the realistic view.

Just contact our team to get A Quality Image Clipping path Services with Shadow…


Contact Details:

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Image Clipping Services

Image Clipping Services

Clipping Path– Why it is called so?

An outline is created around the image in order to trim it out from its existing background. Thus, the outline is named as the path. In the Graphic Designing World, Image Clipping Path is the process of cutting out the image from its existing background in order to isolate it. It includes several processes, just has a look at the process of image clipping Services.

Process of Image Clipping Path:

Image Clipping Services
Process of Image Clipping Path

 Step 1:

Open the Adobe Photoshop Document window and open the image that you want to cut it out fro its existing background.

Step 2:

Select the pen tool, and create an outline around the image.

Step 3:

Make select the image outline just by simply press Control and hold the Enter key on the keyboard.

Step  4:

After performing the action as per the instruction is given in the previous step, the image is getting selected. Now you have to remove the backdrop, isn’t. Then, inverse the selection by Hold Ctrl + Shift and press I on the keyboard.

Step  5:

Now the background part is selected on leaving the image, where you created the outline. Apply the Feather radius of about 0.7 in order to avoid the patches.

Step 6:

Finally, just press the Backspace key on the keyboard to remove the backdrop. And now the image alone in on your screen in a white transparent backdrop.

This is how the background of the image is knocked out in an easy process which is named as Image Clipping path. Want to knock out the backdrop?

Contact Outsource Image – The world’s most popular Clipping path  Service Provider specialized in

  • Background removal or background exchange
  • Resize the photograph
  • Adjust the photo to fit into the frame
  • Enlarge the particular image
  • Remove the image from its current background

Also, we are offering this Professional Photo Clipping Path service for the business needs like the images for a magazine, newspaper, portfolio, websites, marketing catalogue, and brochures, etc. With the exact clipping techniques we are able to crop, combine and creating new objects of your photography and having the 500 clients overall in the world, still keep outsourcing.

This is done by only of our well-planned structure in the clipping services with high quality. Compare with our competitors we are best to support your business and this is not a word to get the orders from our website visitors, this is true. You are going to amaze now, by reading that ‘the low cost of our service with the affordable time period.

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Photo Clipping Path – A comprehensive Beginners tutorial

Photo Clipping Path – A comprehensive Beginners tutorial

It is essential to make known about the basics in the Photo Clipping Path. Here is, how to knock out the backdrop. Just prepare your images for the Image Clipping Path, start up your first image clipping path in Adobe Photoshop – The most intuitive image editing software.

Here Dory Nemo picture is going to travel along with us until the session end and provide clear, understandable view about the process of Image Clipping Path. Open the image in Adobe Photoshop document window and then Create a path around the image.

The most important thing you have to focus before deleting the backdrop is feather selection. Feather Selection in Photoshop is nothing but a great process of softening the selected edges to avoid the uneven cutting off an image which provides a realistic look. Click SELECT > MODIFY > FEATHER in the Menu Bar or else simply press CTRL + ALT + D on the keyboard.

Photo Clipping Path
Feather selection
Feather Radius

The feather radius should be 0.6 Pixel. After finishing all this process just press Backspace key, to delete the backdrop without leaving the Nemo. You may now create another attractive backdrop in accordance with your wish. Make note that, the originality of the image will not change after the editing process.  Yep! You reached the climax of this session.

Backdrop Removal
Backdrop Removal using Clipping Path

Mostly, Image Clipping Path is used for

  • Removing the current Backdrop
  • Exchanging the existing Backdrop
Clipping Path
Final Output

Making use of which you may attain a good looking visual appeal. Want to trim out your imperfect backdrop? Contact Outsource Image today itself!

We at Outsource Image delivers the best in Photo Clipping Path Services which includes,

  • Drop Shadow
  • Natural Shadow
  • Mirror Reflection Creation
  • Water Reflection Creation

Get detailed information about the Digital Image Clipping Path and its process by staying at

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]




Outsource Clipping Path services

Outsource Clipping Path services

The Clipping Path Services is not only used for Background Removal, it is also used to

  • Adding some special effects
  • Change or modulate the shape of the image
  • Remove or add some particular portions or parts
Image Clipping Path Services Provider
Photo Clipping Path

Most of the online business needs the clipping path services to enhance their overall visual presence. The product photographs need an image clipping path method to cut out the images and make it as more attractive.

For Fashion Industry, photographers, Graphics Designers, film industries, E-commerce business, online marketing, real estate photographs, Magazine and Newspaper publishing Companies needs the image clipping path services. In order to bring back the realistic and high-end look for the product photographs, everyone looks forward to the best image clipping path services.

Image Shadowing or Shadow’s creation is also under the Image Clipping Path method. A Drop shadow is also similar to the Image Shadowing method. In that, the proper shadow was created in accordance with the customer’s expectations and requirements. The exact edition of the image will be warmly welcomed by the customers.

The clipped images may be moved over to another colorful backdrop or professional white backdrop. On fixing the image on the other backdrop, you may attain the awesome visual presence. Instead of shadow, you may also create reflections in the product photographs or product images. Water Reflection and Mirror Reflection also show off the professional look of the product images. Do you want to give up a professional look to your photographs? Let us know……

Outsource Image the master in Image Editing Service Provider specializes in clipping Path Service all over the world. Our experts are well versed in all the bolts and nuts of the image editing concepts and have more than ten years of experience in this image editing field.

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