Clipping Path Services to Remove Image Backgrounds from Ecommerce Products

Clipping Path Services to Remove Image Backgrounds from Ecommerce Products


Clipping path services is an Abode Photoshop tool based on image editing technique which is used to change or to replace the background image. This image clipping path services technique is used for all type of image manipulation like image correction, image retouching, image restoration etc. it is an opportunity to cutting or remove a picture from unwanted backgrounds. The picture is in bitmap file or itself create the vector object. The clipping path service is needed for the advertisement, social media, marketing agencies of various business organizations etc.

clipping path services for ecommerce products

image clipping path services to remove backgrounds

 The various path of clipping path services to remove backgrounds are included here,


Basic clipping is the first segment of our clipping path services. Basic clipping or single path is nothing but to draw one path on your image and it is most important for background removal. It is applied in round shaped like the egg, ball etc., or in small curved shape like the bottle, note, mobile phone etc. Basic clipping is easy to work and takes less time to complete its task.


Simple clipping path is a service which simply cuts or removes the background removal of an image. Simple clipping is to draw in straight lines or oval shapes, no of closed path drawn from 1-3 paths, which has no holes (embedded transparency) and has very simple and curves (straight lines or oval shapes). This clipping path has the number of points to the path is greater than the basic clipping path. Simple clipping needs some more attention.


Medium clipping path is the clipping path service technique which is the most effective background removal technique to extract the image without affecting the quality of an image. Medium clipping path is for images with most challenging compounded shapes but with no inside paths. Medium clipping path is done in the product prototyping several basic, compound, complex shapes etc. Medium clipping path needs 5-10 range closed methods. Medium clipping path technique requires at least maximum of 35-45 minutes for removing images from the background with the maximum efficiency.


Complex clipping path technique is used for compound and complex shapes. Complex clipping path has more than 10 embedded transparencies, greater than 12 closed paths. It has several compound shapes together with the simple samples of more than 10 holes and 10 closed paths. Complex clipping path is conducted in object prototyping dense requires to 60 minutes for hand drawing clip path. Clipping path services throughout the globe recognize the best aspect level at most and economical pricing with the quick reversal.


The Super complex path is the clipping path service which requires more than 100 paths and it is the very tough task for the designers from the picture. It takes plenty of time to work on super complex clipping path. The Super complex path has a product which has confusing forms and sizes need more than an hour for hand drawing clipping path with an accurate image.


Multi clipping path is like a basic clipping path service but the little bit more advanced compare to this. Multi clipping path works with the selection of multiple images and combining them that they match each other.

Send 2 to 3 images to remove from its old backdrops. Our image background removal service experts efficiently isolate your image old backdrops and add new backgrounds in a professional manner.

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