Drop Shadow and Reflection effects in Clipping Path

Drop shadow: 

Creating a shadow for an object in order to get the genuine and professional look. For the clipping path services, drop shadow places an important role. When coming to the background removal and background replacement shadow makes it as meaningful.

The image without a shadow looks like floating over the background. So to avoid that, a concept was introduced into the editing world. Which we can call it as Drop Shadow. It brings the realistic look to the image. Here the pixel color is made too dark and to get the soft and smooth edges, we have to go with the option  Gaussian Blur.

Drop Shadow and Reflection effects in Clipping

Mirror Reflection

Types of Drop Shadow effects in Photoshop:

  • Stack Em
  • Old Navy
  • Burn it
  • Quick vignette
  • Letterpress

Drop shadow dialogue box:

Place the image that wants to treat under the shadow. Right, click on the layer bar in the layer palette. On that select the Blending options. Or else just click the fx icon which is situated at the bottom of the palette. Now you may able to view the dialog box in the Photoshop document window.

On that you may able to view structure options like blend mode, opacity, angle, distance, Spread, size, contour, noise, layer knocks out drop shadow. Just make some adjustments on these options to get shadow which fulfills your needs.

Difference between Drop shadow and natural shadow: 

In order to maintain the beauty of an image natural shadow must be created. This type of shadow was created on the basis of the natural or original shadow. The major difference between Drop shadow and Natural shadow is that Drop shadow was created in accordance with the shape of the object. Here the Drop shadow is different when compared to original shadow. And the Natural shadow fully depends on upon the original shadow.

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Reflection shadow or mirror reflections: 

A clear shadow of an object’s reflection on the shiny surface is referred to as reflection shadow. Which is otherwise called as mirror reflection? Most of the eCommerce business products are now having the realistic look only by these effects.

To get the more live effect on visual presentation, eCommerce products are kept in the white or transparent background. This is why because to showcase the each and every detail of the product so clear which would not dominate by its background.

It is somewhat easy to create. Make the copy of the original layer and transform it by the Flip vertical option. And click the Add layer masking in the palette. On clicking this, you may able to see the transparent effect and reduce the Opacity.

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