How to use pen tool in Photoshop to achieve Photo Clipping Path Services

As we discussed a lot about Photo Clipping Path Services, it is nothing but a closed vector path or outline drawn around the image to take out from its original background. It belongs to the image editing family. The most used tools for clipping path technique in Adobe Photoshop is the “pen tool”.

Why is pen tool called so?

The conventional pen is used for writing purposes. But in Adobe Photoshop, pen tool was invented to create the path to an image. In the earlier days, pen tool was called by different names as Bezier tool or Bezier pen after invented by French Engineer Paul Bezier. Slowly it was called as path tool because it is used to fix path in Photoshop.

Pen Tool

Photoshop Pen Tool

How to use the pen tool in Photoshop:

Open the Adobe Photoshop, on the left side of the screen, there will be a tool palette. In that select the pen-shaped tool. After clicking the pen tool, we have to note the thing that Path, Pen Tool, Auto Add/Delete, Exclude overlapping path areas are in the selected mode.

Or else make select these options on the options bar which is situated below them

the menu bar (on top of the screen). If you click the pen tool on the screen you will able to see a point in square shape. Which is nothing but the anchor or anchor point? The path is fixed using these anchor points.

Well! It is suited to the straight line path, but in the curved path just fixing an anchor point will not the correct solution. You have to drag on the curved areas. Dragging is a simple step, just click an anchor point and without releasing the mouse drag the mouse a small distance.

After dragging an anchor point, you must able to see two lines coming along with that point. The edge of that line is seemed as dimensional in shape which indicates the direction handle of that anchor point. It is possible to rotate, increase or decrease the length of the direction line in order to get the exact shape of the image.

Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool Collection

Pen Tool Collection In Photoshop

It is also possible to move the anchor point. The important thing we have to have in mind is, finish the path fixing by closing the path. For closing the path you have to return back to its starting point, on moving the cursor point closer to the starting point you will able to see the appearance of a small circle, which indicates the closed vector path.

How to select a path?

By using these steps, you feel easy to fix path for any kind of images using the pen tool. The fixed path’s outline is saved as “Path 1” on the right side of the screen. For saving, you have to press Ctrl + S, then there will appear a JPEG Options screen in that set the quality range at 12. And the final step you have to do is make a selection of that image. Just press Ctrl + Enter to select the path.


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