How to make Christmas greeting cards in Photoshop?

How to make Christmas greeting cards in Photoshop?
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Christmas was a good celebrating function by the Christians all over the world on every year December 25th.  Some of the places Christmas event function was continuously celebrating up to New Year in every month.  On that celebration, every people were exchanging their happiness and wish each other by providing gifts, sweets, and wishing cards. Whatever in this digital world it have more options like electronic products like mobiles, messages and social medias like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram the real enjoyment is visiting our relatives on their houses and sharing the wishes by paper cards with the different colorful approach. Think that if you prepare those greeting cards by own, you will excite more.

Now we explaining how to create the Christmas greeting cards by using the world best image editing software Adobe Photoshop,


Open the latest version of Adobe Photoshop with new page by clicking ctrl+N


Make sure that your new paper size is in the size of 1920×1200 by pixel measurement. And also check it was in RGB mode, Otherwise change it into Image>Mode>RGB color.


Fix the layer style in Gradient overlay and change the color style with your own wish by choosing the options Layer>New fill Layer>Gradient Style


After that choose the brush and make the settings by clicking F5 and tick the settings Size, Hardness and brush Spacing


Choose the ‘T’ to text and fix it in the layer.  After that, you can write any of your wishes with your own style and wishes with words. You can change the Font size, Color, Spacing and bold. Usually, most of the peoples are using year to specify the wishes like ‘Wish you happy Christmas 2016’


Now you will design the four corner edges with new style of brushes by downloading online in the Adobe Photoshop


Likewise by using the different brush and font style you can leave your wishes to your lovable one


At finally you will take print out form Photoshop with RGB printer as per your required size


We believe that you can get useful information from this article. Try it, again and again, you will get different models of Christmas greetings card with your own wish. Also, we are having a fantastic idea to obtain the impressive greeting card by approaching any of the best creative images editing service provider for the cheap cost. We have also the world best image editing service provider name is outsourceimage has successfully functioning its outsourcing in image creation in for all over the world in cheap cost. Outsourceimage Cheap cost of Christmas greetings card images editing service provider compares with its competitors.

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