Photoshop: The best Image Editing software that alters images and our minds

In 1987, a pixel imaging program was born. Thomas Knoll and John invented this software and in 1990 it was named as Photoshop – One of the most intuitive image editing software which gives life to our innovative, creative, fantasy, fictitious ideas arises in our mind. Some of our thoughts were apart from the reality, just bring that in front of your eyes by using the powerful art tools of Photoshop and also present your artwork before others.

Photoshop - The Best Image Editing Software


Photoshop introduced an awesome graphic world…. In that world, the inner creativity of oneself makes impossible be possible. As most of us know this multi-functionality software gives up better and better results. Which keeps one entertained and make fun when nothing to do. Some of the best users of this software include graphic designers, artists, animators, photographers, web designers and also for architects.

Now everyone uses Photoshop to edit their own photographs that want to be shared in social media like Facebook, Flickr…… It is because of its user-friendly tools. Let take a look on the advanced features in Adobe Photoshop. Pull out something from an image and replace another thing or person. We may crop or trim the photo to remove the extra pixel around the image.

Image Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop

Getting a grip on the usage of Photoshop tools will teach you how to transform an ordinary image into graphics. Making use of the color option, we may choose the appropriate color, to use on an image. Now Photoshop team announced a new feature called Creative Cloud (CC 2014).

It introduced two new blur options which are nothing but the path and spin. Spin blur and path blur was introduced in order to create the new sense of motion in an image. The second new thing that Photoshop comes with is Focus area. It focuses on the peculiar area that we want to crop. Thousands of fonts are now included in the CC 2014 for users’ convenience is the third thing.

Every photographer will meet a situation to work with photoshop. After using this software, one may able to discover their new artistic strength. It’s been a pleasure to share that, the invention of Photoshop will break the speed breaker to everyone’s imagination. Recently Photoshop family celebrated their silver jubilee. Continue to enhance Photoshop tools parallel to technology growth. Be with us till the end of mankind!!



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