Clipping and Masking – The best way to isolate a particular object from photography

Clipping and Masking – The best way to isolate a particular object from photography: Even if we use the high quality of cameras and lenses we can’t obtain the isolation of a particular object from photography. Because of it requires more editing technique by software. It is the simple process but requires more concentration for a single movement.

Image Clipping and Image Masking are the two popular methods which are widely used for isolation of an object, things or even a person that is not needed in the photograph.

Who needs isolation technique for their photography?                                                                     

For the entire photography, business isolation is needed to show something different from others. Among the photography business, some of the Stock photography agencies, Product selling agencies, online product sellers and some advertise agencies, etc…

Clipping and Masking

Image clipping

Simply I explain that who are all the peoples need to develop their business into world level and who need to expose their products quickly to market, etc…

Object isolation steps are,

  • Initially need to set up the settings to capture the object
  • So that choose the white background, it will give you the clear and show sharp edges
  • By using the tripod and bright background lightings take a number of snaps with your world best camera
  • Adobe Photoshop is one of the most common software to edit your photography
  • Import your photo in Photoshop
  • Make sure the photo is taken on your camera
  • Then separate the object from its background by selecting the path option via the pen tool
  • Don’t worry about the extra parts like wire, rope, peoples and any other except the focused object
  • After finishing the path process change that path into inverse
  • Be sure the white color is selected and make the background color is in white even whatever color it includes
  • After that click image option on the top of the panel
  • From that select adjustment option
  • And that selects the option to replace color option
  • Then you will see the option box
  • Now you can see one box is open, from that you can see the saturation and lightness option
  • Reduce the saturation and increase the lightness from that until
  • Best is make sure saturation is in-100 and lightness is in 100
  • After that by using the stamping option clear all other extra objects and unwanted parts
  • Now you can see the object with focus and some this different from the background
  • Save your file as a JPEG image and use it for your requirements whatever it is

Among the many ways of isolation, this is the best way we find and easy to implement. Also, the best idea is keeping outsource for isolated objects on your photos in image editing service provider.

This method of knock out the unwanted objects is easy to do with simple pictures, here Photo clipping technique is used. But in some time, the picture is tough to make a path around it. In such cases, Photo Masking method is used to clip out the tough region easily. Need to clip out your photographs. Contact us without fail.