Image Clipping Path with Shadow

Image Clipping Path Services with Shadow

Clipping Path:

In general, the word “Clipping” refers to trimming out something. And the “Path” refers to outline around the image (here in the Image Editing). Now you may get a clear idea about what is exactly the Clipping Path means – Yep!  In the Image Editing, Graphic Design department the process of Knock out the image from the existing backdrop is referred to as Image Clipping Path. In this process of Digital Image Clipping Path, a Path is created around the image in order to cut it out from the existing image. In Adobe Photoshop, the Pen Tool, the Magic Wand Tool, the Quick Selection Tool and the Lasso Tool are used to create a path.

Clipping Path with shadow:

Image Clipping Path with Shadow

Image Clipping Path With Shadow

After removing the backdrop of an image, it is placed on a transparent background in order to show off the professionalism. Transferring the image into another background is for the following reasons,

  • To display the image in an attractive manner
  • To change the inconvenient background
  • To remove the unwanted things, objects and persons in the existing backdrop
  • To show off the overall details if the image with clean and clear
  • To enhance the look and feel of the image

Why Shadow is most important for an image:

While placing the image in another backdrop without the shadow is just feel like the image is floating in the background. To avoid this problem, a shadow is created in a terrific manner. And hence, putting shadow to the image will brings up the originality. Creating a shadow for an image is not an easier task. In accordance with the image condition, shadow creation may vary. Which means, for some images natural shadow is fitted most. Sometimes, an approximate shadow which is created by the experienced designers is enough.

Reflection Creation for an image in Photo Clipping Path:

Image Clipping path with reflection creation

Reflection Creation

And in some case, a reflection of the image will exhibit the extraordinary look and feel. The exact mirror reflection of an image is created instead of the shadow. That is the point where the stylish look of the image will initiate. Water Reflection is also there in the Image Editing that will view like the reflection of the image seen in the water.

Where is the shadow needed?

For the question where, the appropriate answer is – Mostly, clipping path along with proper shadow creation is used in E-commerce product photography editing field. This is why because to get back the realistic view.

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