Image Clipping Services

Clipping Path– Why it is called so?

An outline is created around the image in order to trim it out from its existing background. Thus, the outline is named as the path. In the Graphic Designing World, Image Clipping Path is the process of cutting out the image from its existing background in order to isolate it. It includes several processes, just has a look at the process of image clipping Services.

Process of Image Clipping Path:

Image Clipping Services

Process of Image Clipping Path

 Step 1:

Open the Adobe Photoshop Document window and open the image that you want to cut it out fro its existing background.

Step 2:

Select the pen tool, and create an outline around the image.

Step 3:

Make select the image outline just by simply press Control and hold the Enter key on the keyboard.

Step  4:

After performing the action as per the instruction is given in the previous step, the image is getting selected. Now you have to remove the backdrop, isn’t. Then, inverse the selection by Hold Ctrl + Shift and press I on the keyboard.

Step  5:

Now the background part is selected on leaving the image, where you created the outline. Apply the Feather radius of about 0.7 in order to avoid the patches.

Step 6:

Finally, just press the Backspace key on the keyboard to remove the backdrop. And now the image alone in on your screen in a white transparent backdrop.

This is how the background of the image is knocked out in an easy process which is named as Image Clipping path. Want to knock out the backdrop?

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