Mistakes to avoid when using Image Masking Services

 Image Masking Services:

Make know about the Mistakes that every beginner should make in Image Masking and avoid them when using Image Masking Services.

Outsource Image Masking Services

Image Masking Services


Avoid making editions on the same layer. Just copy a layer and proceed the edition. Doing like these we may avoid mistakes. When mistakes are made in the original image it is difficult to proceed. So always make a copy of the original image and work with that.


Use pen tool to get an accurate clipping. No need to go with the Magic wand tool. It is according to the given task. For the simplest clipping, we may use the magic wand tool to select the outline part of an image. But for the complex path fixing, we must go with the pen tool, this is because to avoid the imperfection clipping.

Feathering edges:

Feathering edges are considered as the most important thing while going to delete, cut out or for the alteration options. Or else it has the evidence of editing. Feathering the edges will provide soft and smooth edges. The concern with the image resolution pixel values is fixed in the range of two or three pixels.


Over usage of the filter will spoil the professional effect of the image. It is somewhat easy to use the filter on an image, but be careful with the filter options. Be sure that the contrast level will not exit the limited point. Which results in losing shadow details.


On changing the background from one to another, cropping plays a massive role. Just careful in handling the cropping options. The size of the original image and the size of the background should be equal. Or else make them as equal in size. Otherwise, the image will definitely jump on the background. That is, it will reflect the editing footprints.


On giving over sharpening to an image, it will destroy the overall visual presence. On zooming to a high extent, we may realize that. Going with more blurring options will also reflect the same problem. Handling smart curves will result in the protecting shadows and color degradations.

These are some of the common errors that have to be under supervision. Sometimes small mistakes will spoil the overall professional look of the image. So for that, we have concentrated keenly on these factors. Too much of anything is good for nothing, is a famous saying as we all know very well. When we use any one of these factors beyond the limit, obviously it will give the negative view to the image. Keep it in mind on working with Adobe Photoshop advanced tools.

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