Overview of Image Editing Techniques

Overview of Image Editing Techniques

First of all, welcome you all to an interesting and informative session which is about the basics of Image Editing Techniques. Fine, the technological growth in today’s business world was introducing so many innovative things that will simplify our work easily. Let us discuss first, what is an Image Editing?

What does mean by Image Editing?

Image Editing is the process of altering the photographs without changing the originality. So many Image Editing techniques are here to enhance the visual appearance of the photography. According to the methods the name which we call it as may differ. Here discuss some of the Image Editing Techniques that used by the professional Graphic Designers frequently.

Creative Image Editing

Photo Editing Techniques

What is Manipulation?

With the name itself, you may grasp some information, that image manipulation is the process of manipulating the photographs. As a result, the manipulated image may show off some special effects that will attract the viewer’s attention towards it.

Define Image Clipping:

Knock Out the image from its original backdrop is the easiest task with this Image Clipping. A closed path is created around the image by the use of the pen tool in Photoshop. And then the image is perfectly trimmed out from that photograph without degradation of the image.

Image Illustration:

Pop Art, Cartoon, Pencil Art, Color Line Drawing Art, Water painting, Oil Painting is the methods come under this category of Image Illustration. Making use of the advanced tools in the Adobe Photoshop, the image of a person is transferred like a pop art, pencil art or some other services that you need.

What is called Image Masking?

It is the Advanced method of Image Clipping. This is why because of its advanced feature in the Knock out process. Some fuzzy images are difficult to cut it out from its original backdrop without destroying the originality using Clipping method. But Photo masking will make these toughest part as so simple. In simple word, this method is used to trim out the difficult image from its backdrop.

Image Restoration:

Restore everyone’s old memories by giving life to the damaged photographs. It is possible to bring back the original look of the old damaged photographs by using the Image Restoration Technique.

Why images needed these Editing Techniques?

In order to show off the perfect photography in front of other, image editing is a must. Without image editing, the photo will be good. But with photo editing, the photo is the best at visualizing better things in it. Even, mistakes also rectify by using an image editing process.

Some other advanced methodologies in the Graphic Design world:

Image Stitching:

This method of Image Stitching is otherwise called as Panorama Stitching. You may hear this word frequently in the real estate image editing. Absolutely, it is true. Panorama Stitching or Image Stitching is the process of merging so many images which are taken consecutively. This is why because to attach the whole view in a single photograph with clear details

Photo Blending:

HDR Image Blending is otherwise called as Photo Blending. In this method of image editing, the images are blended together to collect the good things in a single photograph. This is done by capturing the same picture with different exposure level. So, you may get the perfect color attachments on a single image.