Photo Clipping Path – A comprehensive Beginners tutorial

It is essential to make known about the basics in the Photo Clipping Path. Here is, how to knock out the backdrop. Just prepare your images for the Image Clipping Path, start up your first image clipping path in Adobe Photoshop – The most intuitive image editing software.

Here Dory Nemo picture is going to travel along with us until the session end and provide clear, understandable view about the process of Image Clipping Path. Open the image in Adobe Photoshop document window and then Create a path around the image.

The most important thing you have to focus before deleting the backdrop is feather selection. Feather Selection in Photoshop is nothing but a great process of softening the selected edges to avoid the uneven cutting off an image which provides a realistic look. Click SELECT > MODIFY > FEATHER in the Menu Bar or else simply press CTRL + ALT + D on the keyboard.

Photo Clipping Path


Feather selection

Feather Radius

The feather radius should be 0.6 Pixel. After finishing all this process just press Backspace key, to delete the backdrop without leaving the Nemo. You may now create another attractive backdrop in accordance with your wish. Make note that, the originality of the image will not change after the editing process.  Yep! You reached the climax of this session.

Backdrop Removal

Backdrop Removal using Clipping Path

Mostly, Image Clipping Path is used for

  • Removing the current Backdrop
  • Exchanging the existing Backdrop
Clipping Path

Final Output

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