Photo Masking Services

Isolate the hair parts in an image from its current backdrop:

The process of isolating the hair part from its backdrop is somewhat difficult. But making use of the advanced image editing software like Adobe Photoshop it is possible, it knocks out the hairy portions. This kind of cutting out the hair portions is referred as Fur Masking in the Photo Masking Services.

Photo Masking Services

Image Masking Services

Cut out complex or difficult images from its backdrop:

While creating the path around the image, there are so many anchor points are connected to complete the path into a closed vector path. The number of anchor points increased, according to the shape of the image. The irregular shape of the image makes so many anchor points.

And the closed vector path is also increased when the image has so many inner parts. More than ten closed vector path in an image is denoted as Complex image masking.

Types of Masking:

There are so many categories of masking are available in this modern technology world. In that, essential types of masking are,

  • Layer Masking
  • Alpha Channel Masking

Let’s have some exclusive details about the Layer Masking and Alpha Channel Masking.

Layer Masking:

Making use of the layer masking technique, you may control the transparency of the layer.  Normally the transparency was changed by changing the opacity value for the entire layer at the same time. But in this layer masking concept, you may adjust the layer transparency for each single layer separately.

Alpha Channel Masking:

The grayscale in the masking layer channel is called alpha channel masking. Making use of these channels the dark area and the brightest area are separated. The minor details in the image can also be very clean and clear due its pixel based technology. Where else the vector based image masking are not getting the exact contrast level.

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