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Image Masking

Image Masking:

Masking is a powerful technique in Adobe Photoshop that allows to make something invisible and allows again to visible that whenever you want. By using the masking concept, we may separate an image from different layers.

Types of masking:

Here there are some types of masking techniques which would expose the tremendous features of Adobe Photoshop. There are so many types of masking carried out in the Photoshop. In that two types of masking are popular, they are layer masking and clipping masks.

Layer mask:

Layer mask consists of the grayscale bitmap which is otherwise known as pixel based masking. By applying the masking on a layer, we may hide a thing or image in that layer. Hiding of an image was carried out by control the transparency of the layer.

Adjusting the layer opacity will control the transparency. The most useful feature that layer masking only have is monochromatic colors in grayscale. In the grayscale, for 100% opacity, we obtain white color, for 0% opacity, we obtain black color and also there is gray in between white and black.

Clipping mask:

The clipping mask technique is also same as the layer masking. The only thing is, this type of masking does not have the grayscale bitmap color ranges. Here masking is created using multiple layers. For example, we assume that there are two layers. The bottom layer gets the transparency of the top layer or else vice versa.

Vector mask:

Making use of vector masking, we can limit the visible part of the layer. It does not provide the transparency like layer masking instead of that it makes the layer invisible which we not able to see.

Quick mask:

Quick masking is also just like layer masking in which a particular selected area will be made visible temporarily among the entire image.

Adjustment layer mask:

Adjustment layer masking provides a way to adjust the color for individual objects or thing in a photograph. It depends on upon the characteristics of color which are saturation, brightness and  hue.

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