Wedding Photo Post Production Services – Light room Editing Basic and Advanced Retouching

Wedding Photo Post Production Services – Light room Editing Basic and Advanced Retouching

Wedding Photo Post Production Services for Wedding Photographers in Europe Countries – Well balanced and natural retouching to your wedding photos with excellent photo editors help. Remembering the most beautiful moments even the time goes on. Everyone has precious memories in their life time, but the fact is photographs which we were taken at the moments be with us forever. Outsource wedding photo post production services to enhance your wedding photos with high-end quality. Feel free to contact Outsource Image team.

Wedding Photo Post Production Services

Wedding Photo Post Processing Services

Our photo editors specialized in Light room editing, basic, medium and advanced photo retouching techniques to improve your wedding photography. Wedding post production services to improve your wedding images by adjusting color, contrast, background effects, noise etc. Our wedding photo post production services are followed by,

Wedding Photo Editing Using Light room

Editing wedding photos with light room tools by outsource wedding photo editing services to Outsource Image. Our wedding image retouching experts follows basic light room imaging adjustments to improve the quality of your photography.

  • Adjusting White Balance
  • Adjusting Exposure
  • Black and White conversion
  • Working on your Own Light room Preset
  • Sharpening
  • Noise reduction etc.

Basic Retouching Services for Wedding Photographs

Wedding photo retouching experts in Outsource Image specialized in basic photo retouching techniques to enhance your wedding photography. Outsource wedding photo retouching techniques to improve your photos. Remove unwanted reflections from your wedding photos add special effects to them.

  • Color correction Plus
  • Reduce Eyeballs
  • Reduce wrinkles / blemishes
  • Skin Smoothening
  • Teeth whitened
  • Stray hair removed
  • Slight Body Reshape
  • Applying Effects
  • Basic retouching plus
  • Advance Slimming

Advanced Photo Retouching Services for Wedding Photos

Create high-quality wedding images for less with advanced image editing techniques and tools from Outsource Image. We provide a range of professional wedding photo editing services to customers throughout the UK, USA, Philippines, Sweden etc., including image clipping, photograph resizing, background removal and image retouching.

Our wedding photo retouching services experts work on your precious memories carefully and can recompose and edit your photos, remove unwanted shadows and reflections or even people.  We can combine two or more photos together to create that moment you missed. We can remove creases from clothes and color black and white photos.

  • Advance Color Enhancement
  • Removing people or adding people
  • Selective color changes
  • Background Changing
  • Head Swapping
  • Object removal / Adding
  • Advance Cloth Fixing
  • Adding or removing people
  • Complex Background recreation

Our Image Retouching Techniques are also included,

  • Portrait Retouching services
  • Beauty Retouching services
  • Baby retouching service
  • Wedding Retouching Service
  • Wedding Post Production service
  • Corporate Portrait Retouching
  • Blur Grain Treatment
  • School Day Portrait Retouching
  • Pregnancy Portrait Retouching
  • Correct Tone & Exposure Color
  • Restoration of Missing Areas of an Image

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