Why is India the best outsourcing vendor?

Why is India the best outsourcing vendor? The most common reasons for offshoring to India are as follows:

Why is India the best outsourcing vendor?

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State government of India:

India is a democratic country and having the most stable government. Indian government approves the IT project implementation and provide full support to invest in IT industries. Making use of government support, Indians are able to focus on building high-tech IT parks with the best infrastructure with international standards. By the substantial support from the Indian government, India has become a leading offshore service provider.

Less investment and gain more:

Any business aimed to gain more than they invested. When offshore to India this may happen. That’s why India is the world’s most preferable ideal destination for offshore. Investing in the Indian market will produce an innumerable benefit to the investors.

Knowledge, talented, skill sets professionals:

For every year in India, there are more than 3.3 million graduates will come out of universities and colleges. Most of the Indian professionals are young, talented, motivated, strong and well versed in their technical skills. The talented candidates are hired by the top most outsourcing companies.

Fluency in English:

The English language is the most preferred language in India, which happened to the British colonial rule. 80 percentages of American and European firms refers an Indian company as their first and best choice of offshore destination.

Flexibility on price:

In Indian markets, we are offering advanced technology for lower management cost. The rates are very cheap (which means cost effective services) when to compare with the USA. As a result of lower operating cost, investors get more profit when they offshore their service to India. Low rates of labor resource are the main reason, Indian can ready to create things for a lower rate with good quality.

Short period of time:

By the enormous amount of manpower available in India will helps to finish a project in a short turnaround time. And the time zone varies between India and U.S, U.K. In India there is a large number of technology certified employees so projects can finish on time. In addition to the low operational period, offshore to India will increase the productivity and profitability.

Improved quality of service:

The high-quality performance of India will increase the clients towards India in this corporate world. New dimension, creative, innovative thoughts of Indian brain deliver an accurate process management along with high-quality service.

Attention on core business:

By offshore to India, the organization may concentrate on their core business and also focus on their competitors to enhance their business growth.

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